Sunday, April 01, 2007

Doze Button

It's the two days before we "spring forward" for daylight savings time. I hate the idea of losing one hour of sleep but what can I do. So, this morning, while trying to sneak in a few extra winks, I hit my snooze button when the alarm went off. Nine minutes of bliss. Alarm goes off. I smack my snooze button again. Another nine minutes. Alarm goes off. Now what?

I just wanted another five minutes. Nine minutes would make me late for work. Five minutes would just give me that feeling of warmth and bliss. Five more minutes to snuggle with the cat. Five more minutes in my cocoon of blankets.

So, let's invent a doze button. A five minute button that would give me what I want. While we are at it, let's also create a nap button. I think the ideal time is 24 minutes. We could just hit on the verge of a nap and that would be all it takes to set it. No alarm set. No wake set. No hoping you didn't select am instead of pm.

Maybe it's just a dream...