Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Beginning and the End

Well today is my birthday. It's the celebration of the day I began. My task for today is  to visit a hospice and interview and photograph a woman who is dying and the musician who is helping her ease into the passage of her final days. That's a powerful way to spend time being reminded that our days are numbered and that how we spend our final hours depends on what we valued in life. So today I took a page from many leaders books and followed the suggestion to write my own obituary (you'll note there's no date or age on it ;-) though.

Kelly Lee Marie Parry (nee Mathieu)

Artist, humourist, horsewoman Kelly Parry passed away peacefully on a warm summer day sitting under an ancient Oak tree where she shared time with her hubby, horse, dog and cat.  She was found with a gentle smile on her lips and hands facing upward to embrace the sun and sky. This is a fitting end to a life well-lived and a humble representation of the love of and for the animals and humans in her life.
She believed in God simply because she wanted to not because she had to. The thought of God gave purpose and beauty to her life. She believed in the bond between four-legged critters and their ability to transform two-legged people. She loved deeply towards a few and warmly to all who came in contact with her. Her lesson to others is to meet each other halfway and if you want to be heard you have to first be willing to listen.
With a strong belief in the human spirit to lean towards the good she shared her thoughts and ideas in several books that made the best sellers list. She was known for her ability to put a unique and often humourous spin on the world of human foibles and public affairs. In her final years she enjoyed a satisfying level of success and acceptance by a small but loyal cult following interested in her insights on spirituality, morality, and community spirit.
Here are the words she would want you to remember. "There is something wonderful waiting in the world for you. Something glorious to opened up and explored. It won't come in the excitement of the world but only in the quiet of your heart. So stop and listen. Trust. Love."


  1. I love you. Truly. Fiercely. Madly. This is beautiful and the truth. This is how I see you. And yes, I am the head of the cult following called your fan club.

  2. Eliza9:18 AM

    This is beautiful. Articulate, simple, humble, and honest. Through reading of "death" I can clearly see how much you choose to love and live life. Happy birthday lovely and a shower of blessings upon you. hugs. eliza :)

  3. In my usual fashion I get really deep then, like a child running from the waves at the beach, I run off. Thank you Peg and Eliza for the wonderful comments. I'm just reading them today. You both have a piece of heart.