Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Am A Nut

Not only am I a nut it looks like I'm a Cashew according to this test at a site called Blogthings. It's here I have found my true nutty self. Here's what it says:
  • You are laid back, friendly, and easy going.
  • Compared to most people, you have a very mild temperament.
  • You blend in well. You're often the last person to get noticed.
  • But whenever you're gone, people seem to notice right away.
Seems pretty true for the most part. So what exactly what makes me a Cashew?
  • A preference for a salty things
  • A wish to visit Greece
  • An admission that I'm always a bit nuts
  • An acknowledgement that people like me more than they realize
  • A revelation that I'm a bit of a hard nut to crack (but not too much)
I'm sure the good people behind this test have done a great degree of work with their expertise. I thank them for the extra defining of my true nature.

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